Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 May Have A Thermometer Sensor

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 May Have A Thermometer Sensor

Samsung is reportedly planning to include a thermometer sensor in its Galaxy Watch 5 models, allowing customers to easily monitor their body temperature. It could be helpful in recognising early signs of COVID-19 as well as tracking women’s ovulation cycles more precisely.

However, there are a few drawbacks to putting a thermometer sensor on a smartwatch, which is why firms have resisted including one. Many external elements, such as sunlight, can influence the temperature of the skin near a user’s wrists. As a result, the thermometer sensor frequently struggles to provide an accurate reading.

According to a recent claim from the Korea-based newspaper ETNews, Samsung has developed a technique to overcome this issue and allow the thermometer sensor to reliably monitor a user’s body temperature. As a result, the business might incorporate the new technology into its future Galaxy Watch 5 to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Samsung is also testing a prototype of a set of Galaxy Buds headphones with a body temperature measuring capability, according to the source. It will purportedly employ an infrared sensor to track body temperature and measure the temperature of the eardrums.